Dog Care Products For the Long Haired Dog

Regardless of their coat any long haired dog requires special care. Regular brushing is an essential task but there are also other products on the market which focus on long haired dogs, these products have been designed and created especially for dogs with long hair. There are dog care products such as shampoos and conditioners that have been especially designed to control matting and tangles in long haired dogs. Both the shampoo and conditioner in most cases need to be used. The shampoo removes the grime and dirt from the hair as it acts as a cleanser while the conditioner helps to prevent tangles by smoothing the hair.

Some other useful items are for long haired dogs are brushes, combs and rakes they are useful in helping detangling and dematting the coat and they help prevent future tangles in the dogs hair. Brushing is a necessary part of grooming particularly for long haired breeds. Brushing removes dust, dead skin, loose hairs, grass seeds and tangles. It also assists to shorten the coat moult, which occurs each autumn and spring.

You may not think that a dog hair dries is a handy product to have but when regular grooming your dog its actually an essential item to have. Hair driers are a very handy when it comes to dog grooming. They allow the dogs coat to dry quickly avoiding the chance of the fur matting and tangling whilst it’s still wet. Wet hair mats and tangles more quickly than dried hair.

Finding Dog Care Resources Online

We all love our dogs, and this alone is a good enough reason to care for our dog, but there are many other reasons that we should all offer dog care to our pets, for example the health and happiness of our dog is the first thing to be noticed, and secondly learning how to provide this dog care yourself will increase your relationship and bond no end.

There are many online resources for dog care available, but I would like to show you a few extracts from a book that has everything rolled into one on the way of dog grooming and explain how to’s, techniques, tips and an explanation of the benefits for you and you dog that can be obtained through correct dog care at home.

We all know that there is more to dog care than a brush through there coat – although this is an important part of dog care I would like to drawer your attention to other areas and activities that can result in the mentioned benefits and play a great part in dog care;

Eyes and Ears -
Once you have mastered grooming the coat you can move on to the next stage of grooming, caring for the eyes and ears – again this is not a difficult task, but requires a little more care than the coat. As with humans the eyes, and especially the ears are delicate organs in a dog and we have to be sure we can help our dog benefit, minimize the risks, and at the same time ensure we are not creating any danger for our pet.

Eye Care
The importance of eye care is something that many dog owners do not take into consideration as much as should be, the general eye infections suffered by dogs are caused by bacteria which has been allowed to seep into the eye, so regular cleaning is a must – also whilst cleaning will be the best opportunity to identify the most common eye problem for our pets, Conjunctivitis, this can be noticed by a redness around the eye and a greenish, or yellowish discharge…

Dental Hygiene – A part of dog care many owners omit!
Much of the dental hygiene crosses from grooming into health care, I have tried to separate the two but parts go hand in hand, however there will be another book in the series shortly that will cover health care and mouth issues in your pet deeper, for now we will try to keep with the grooming topic, and base this section around dental hygiene for a healthier, and better looking dog without too much consideration for the health issues – although these are a main factor in dental and mouth care.

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Vital Tips For a Happy and Healthy Dog

Before going out to buy or adopt a new puppy or grown dog, take a little time and make sure you’re properly prepared. Providing good dog care is quite a responsibility and there are many factors to consider. Here are 6 basic tips designed to help you get prepared for the new pet’s arrival.

All dogs require plenty of daily exercise — it’s a big part of great dog care. With a toy dog breed this is fairly easy to accomplish — they usually get enough exercise each day just walking from one end of the house to the other. But with a medium to large sized dog it’s a different story. They require a decent–sized fenced yard or a daily walk every day.

2. Dog Supplies

Here are some basic dog supplies that you’ll need to provide as soon as possible:

– Food and Water Bowls

– Food

– Toys

– Brush

– Collar with I.D. Tag

– Leash

– Crate or Kennel

– Dog Bed

– Flea and Tick Medication

– Cleaning Supplies: including a Pooper Scooper

3. Pick a Healthy Dog

When going to examine a litter of puppies here are some general guidelines. Carefully examine all of the puppies. If any one dog appears to be sick, then it’s probably a good idea to look elsewhere — more than likely the whole litter is sick.

A healthy puppy or adult dog should have bright and clear eyes — with no sign of mucous or discharge. Their ears will be clean and free of parasites. They should walk straight with no limp. And their coat will be free of sores or bald patches. Be sure to ask for any registration papers and health records before adopting a dog.

4. Companionship

Canines are social animals and require lots of companionship to stay happy and healthy. If you’ll be gone for long periods during the day, you might want to consider getting a second dog — one of his litter mates or another compatible dog from the shelter. This is another example of good dog care.

5. Dog Training

Dogs crave discipline and structure in their lives to keep them happy and healthy. So you should begin training your puppy or dog immediately. And believe it or not, even an older dog can be trained. Many people don’t realize that dog training is a big part of caring for dogs.

Whether you take classes or buy books and DVDs to learn dog training, remember that your dog will not become completely obedient overnight. It’s a continual process and some dogs progress faster than others. But if you’re persistent and spend enough time and effort you’ll eventually have a fully trained dog.

6. Dog Food

Try to give your dog a good quality food designed for their particular stage of life. Quality food may be a bit more expensive than the generic, cheap variety — but you’ll end up saving money in the long run. Your dog will be healthier and won’t require as many trips to the veterinarian.

You should never give your dogs “people food” or “table scraps.” It is definitely an example of poor dog care. I know it’s hard to resist a begging dog, but you’re actually being cruel when you give in. It leads to all sorts of serious health problems including arthritis and diabetes.